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Photograph: a recent arrival spotted in the Barton Millpound
on 30th April 2021
enjoying a meal of sticklebacks

The Friends of the Gumstool Brook

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Latest Presentation on state of aquifiers and flows:
Dr. Michael Jones of Thames Water 
as delivered to Open Meeting FOGB 17th November 2021
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YouTube recording of Thames Valley Flood Scheme Catchment Partnership Meeting 16th August 2021 CLICK HERE

THAMES WATER Abstraction of Water from the Baunton Pumping Station. Report 21st July 2021 N.B. These reductions were first introduced in 2005 and abstraction ceases when flows drop below 32 Ml/d at the Baunton gauging station. Flows have just reduced in the River Churn to below the flow constraint related to our Baunton abstraction. Therefore we will be turning off the Baunton abstraction within 24 hours. It is interesting that this is very late in the year for this to happen compared to the normal situation when we hit the flow constraint around March time. The reason for it being so late this year was the heavy rainfall in May which led to the recovery of groundwater levels which was very unusual for the time of year but very welcome for water resources if not for flood impacts!


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