Report incidents

Do you have an incident associated with our waterways to report? If so we’ll publish it here with as much explanation as possible and preferably with a photograph. We’ll try our best to bring the matter to the relevant authority and also publish any resolution.

Please report incidents by email:

Link to incident reports: Cirencester Flood, Drought and Sewage Record: CLICK HERE

7th July 2021 Sewage incident – raw sewage entering Riverside Walk Stream (near Swimming Pool). Reported to Thames Water unfortunately this case is still live (as of 6th September 2021) spilling sewage into the stream. Thames Water have been repeatedly ‘phoned.

Location ref GL7 2EF  existing job reference: 001119 SCVH
To call Thames Water to add your name to those trying to get something done:

0800 316 9800 – press 2 then 2 again