A record-breaking dry May 2020

We want to avoid another summer situation like this.


A wet winter has been followed by an exceptionally dry and sunny May in 2020. This makes for nice weather but leaves our lovely waterways under threat of ‘drying-up’ later this summer. The Friends of the Gumstool Brook was founded in 2015 as a result of concern about this destructive problem.

Thames Water have a new scheme for their customers ‘Be an H2O hero’ please take a look.
They have asked us to carry this link:


A photograph below (taken December 2019) of the overflow from the Barton Mill Pound feeding into the water meadows. Built in 2018 this enables a natural resistance to flooding downstream by diverting excess waters into the fields where they may more easily dissipate. It was created after an idea and lobbying by the Friends of the Gumstool Brook.

It has proved successful this last winter in helping to reduce flooding risk despite considerable rainfall.