A wet winter and full water courses

This winter has been much wetter than normal; frequent and sometimes heavy rain has filled local streams and the River Churn to unusually high levels for an extended period. The photo shows the water flowing past Cirencester’s outdoor swimming pool on 29th October. The pipe crossing the stream is normally well above the water level, and although no longer covered now, the gap between pipe and water remains unusually small. The water meadows along the course of the Churn have been partially flooded for three months now.

Of course, some winters are wetter than others and that has always been the case. 2019/2020 has not been exceptional in the long-term record, and it’s been good to see water levels consistently high for an extended period when we’ve so often witnessed the Daglingworth Stream completely dry between Stratton and Cirencester in summertime. Will this happen in 2020? We’ll have to wait and see.

Our local watercourses are always fascinating, ever changing, and with some interesting wildlife. If you haven’t done so recently, pick a dry, sunny day and treat yourself to a stroll along the Churn and its associated streams. OpenStreetMap marks most of the smaller paths and shows the water courses clearly, all an easy walk from the Market Place.

Chris Jefferies